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About our community

Home or Away?

With apologies to the Australian TV programme, there are stories which could be called "Away" rather than "Home". People who lived in Diptford have made contact as a result of seeing our website.

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Diptford lies in the South Hams in the foothills of Dartmoor. Please use the buttons at the top of the page to find out about what's on in our community.

Or, for a list of what is available on this site, go directly to the site index.

We have provided a link to a Met Office site so you can get an up-to-date idea of what the weather is doing in the near future.

In the absence of the Historical Society we have put a link to GENUKI who provide much historical and genealogical information.

You will find Diptford in the South Hams Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty just south of Dartmoor. It is perched on a hill overlooking the river Avon, in fact, we think that the name comes from "deep ford" referring to the site of a river crossing.

Our parish is centred in a friendly village with a strong community spirit. The church goes back to the 14th century and we also have a busy school which brings young families into the village.

We have a post office which is open several mornings a week and our parish hall replaced its predecessor over 20 years ago so we now have a fine centre for all the activities of a lively community although if the hall is already in use or maybe rather large for small gatherings then local people willingly provide hospitality in their own homes..

Footpaths around the village are looked after by the local Parish Paths Partnership (P3). Follow the link above.
We do not have specific footpath maps of local paths but a resident kindly gave us a link to the Devon County Council site which does have maps.
If you follow the DCC Public Rights of Way link and then click on "Interactive Maps" you will find a map where you can zoom in to our area.

Diptford no longer has a bus service. However, there is a car scheme in which many local people use their own cars to provide transport for others who have urgent journeys to make, for instance hospital visits.

This website also provides information about the local village show which is an important feature of the calendar as well as the many interests and activities shared by our residents.

In addition, we tell you about what's on - the events planned for the near future.


Away - "Remember me?"

People who lived in Diptford but now live in other parts of the world have found our site and contacted us.

Many of the people who've lived in the village for many years will remember Jeremy Pearson and his sister Bathsheba. They were brought up in the village but he left Diptford for Scandanavia in the 1970's and now lives in Finland, in fact, on the island of Aland which lies between Finland and Sweden.

Jeremy originally lived in Stert Barton but the family moved to Stert Cottage and he can tell us a lot about village life at that time:
- about Stert Cottage when it was a bakery and his neighbours who still live in the village;
- about fishing for brownies in the river as a boy, near where Colonel Sward used to live;
- about the school, and something about donkey races at the village show when it was held opposite Wheat Park,
- and much more.


Photo of Heidi Thorne

We have also heard from Heidi Thorne and her father Keith; her mother Andrea (originally Wilsher) was also interested to see the Diptford site. The family moved to Florida in the US in 1976 and Heidi now lives in North Carolina. They were interested in seeing our website and mentioned several people in the village. Heidi has fond memories of Diptford and the school here and they both send their best wishes to those who remember them. She would be glad to hear from anyone who remembers her during her time here and I can pass on her Email address if you contact me.

Heidi has responded to our suggestion of a photo with this picture of herself with a friend, taken at a business event.